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Welcome to Calvary College of Theology. CCT is the citadel of learning. CCT is like a home. The warmth, care, love and friendly environment enhance learning ability and comprehension. CCT is not for lazy students. By the words of St. Paul to Bishop Timothy, he said “Study to show yourself approved unto God a workman that needeth not be ashamed rightly dividing the words of truth.” (2. Tim 2:15). Dr. Eugene Stow, the author the Ministry of Shepherding said “if you know that God has called you to work for him for ten years, use five years and prepare, and use five years and work for God.” You may think it is a waste of time, money and energy to spent three or four years for study, but experience has proven or shown that those who refuse to get trained in any field of work perform poorly. Visit us today to equip yourself and fulfill God’s plan and purpose for your life and ministry. God bless you.

Sensing kneeling the need for a Theological School, late Evangelist A.A. Alalibo, the then General Superintendent of the Bible Missionary Church of Nigeria, began to request of the Bible missionary Church, U.S.A, assistance in establishing a Theological College.  As a result, our American brethren sent Rev. I. Parker Maxey, the then Academic Dean and Director of Theology Department at Bible Missionary Institute, to assess the need for a Theological College and for a five-week training session in June/July of 1978.  The Nigerian Pastors profited much from his ministry and training programmes...CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
-B.A. Religious & Cultural Studies (Affiliated to University of Calabar, Calabar)

-B.A. Religious Education

-B.A. Theology

-Diploma in Theology

-Diploma in Rel. Education                                                                                 

-Certificate in Theology

-Certificate in Religious Education